Sustainability and style are inextricably linked.

Bikini Hut believes that style and sustainability should go hand in hand and that the health of our planet is of utmost importance.
Globally, fashion is the second most polluting industry. We use 100% regenerated Nylon in the Reclaim Prime Plain Dyed Collection & Hawaii Digital Prints Collection, which reduces the impact on the environment and global warming by up to 80%, reducing crude oil consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 

Sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics
Our swimwear collection incorporates fabrics from REPREVE® US, which we blend to provide an amazingly soft hand feel with outstanding body-enhancing properties. All of our fabrics are certified as eco-friendly by GRS or U Trust, the global standard for customer confidence as eco-friendly. Utilizing reclaimed plastic bottles and salvaged nylon fishing nets, all of our fabrics are deemed to be highly sustainable & eco-friendly.
Using recycled fabrics reduces ocean pollution, reduces waste sent to landfills, and offers a more carbon-friendly option for your brand. 

The dyes we use on our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, provided by Huntsman from the United States. To ensure maximum consumer safety, they provide a variety of Eco-Friendly colourants.
The prints on our website are all printed using the highest-quality Italian digital print machines that do not fade in the presence of sunlight or saltwater.

Branded Fabric Hang-tags
A branded fabric hang tag is attached according to the fabric used in the swimwear article you purchased, provided by REPREVE®, from the US, by ECONYL, and Carvico, in Italy, to identify the fabric's properties and sustainability.

A fair working environment
According to Balinese regulations, we provide full health insurance coverage for all employees, including their spouses and up to three children, covering all doctor's visits, prescription medication, and hospitalizations. In addition, all water used in the production of our fabrics and the dyeing process is purified before disposal, and any remaining fabric scraps are donated to local charities.
Our suppliers are regularly inspected to ensure their policies, working conditions, and wage structure exceed the minimum wage.

Packaging from the Earth - 100% biodegradable
Say NO to plastic! Our packaging is made from Avani bags, which degrade in days when exposed to water or landfills.